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Occupational safety, fire and explosion protection have a long tradition in the pharmaceutical industry. Numerous measures have also been taken with regard to protection against electrostatic charging and the associated risks in the potentially explosive process environment.

Electrostatic charges occur, among other things, during grinding and sieving processes, when collecting dusts, when filling containers and during flow movements of combustible powder substances and solvents. After mechanically generated sparks, uncontrolled electrostatic discharges are the most common cause of ignition of combustible dust clouds.


Tank Truck Filling & EmptyingFilling and emptying tanker trucks

Electrostatic charging can generate a high voltage on tanker trucks.
> Earth Rite RTR


Mobile Grounding for Trucks

Mobile grounding of tanker trucks

Grounding tanker trucks in locations where there are no stationary grounding systems.
> Earth Rite MGV


Grounding Isolation Process EquipmentGrounding of isolated process plants

Individual components of complex equipment can be isolated from each other during the processing of powder materials.


FIBC Filling & EmptyingFilling and emptying FIBCs

Grounding and locking systems for activities related to FIBC big bags type „C“.
> Earth Rite FIBC


Grounding Portable Vessels & BarrelsGrounding mobile containers and barrels

Manual filling of mobile barrels and containers can lead to ignition-dangerous, electrostatic spark discharges.
> Bond-Rite REMOTE EP


Filling & Emptying Drums & CansFilling & emptying barrels & small containers

Patented grounding clamp with LED indicator for ground monitoring.
> Bond-Rite CLAMP



Das Earth Rite Multipoint ist das ideale Überwachungssystem, mit dem wir vor der Verarbeitung von potentiell brennbaren Pulverstoffen die ordnungsgemäße Erdung und den Potentialausgleich unserer Maschinen und Anlagen gewährleisten können. Newson Gale verfügt über eine ATEX-Zertifizierung, die es uns ermöglicht, das Earth-Rite Multipoint-System in explosionsgefährdeten Zonen zu verwenden.
Don Zorn, Corporate Engineering Manager, Quadro Engineering, ON, Kanada

The handbook „Applications in the field of earthing and equipotential bonding“ by Newson Gale is very good and easy to understand. It offers practical hints and is clearly illustrated. It contains a lot of helpful background information and refers to various regulations and guidelines. Due to the fact that the manual compares European (Cenelec), American (NEC) and international (IEC) standards for hazardous area classification and is available in many languages, it is ideal as a reference document.
Declan Kielty, Senior Manager, Health & Safety, Pfizer, Ireland